Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Say No To Danes

FAIRFIELD, CT - Jordan says "SAY NO to 'Say No To Pugs' Shirts, and Dane Cook for that matter"

An angry blogger takes a stand against the ugly hate crimes committed by "comedian of hate", Dane Cook. This T-shirt was worn by Dane on another boring episode of Tourgasm, at which point Jordan immediately called for a boycott of Dane Cook and all things related.

"No one gets away with this, not in America", said Jordan when asked by reporters to comment. He later added "pugs need hugs, not negativity. In this post 9/11 world, can't we finally stop fighting against eachother and start focusing on the war on terror? Pugs are God's little sausages, they are enemy to no one."

It is unclear at this point how effective Jordan's boycott will be, but Dane Cook can be sure that Jordan will use all his available resources to even the score.

More on this when events unfold.

-Associated Press

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